Mulching Tips for Every Beginner out There

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Mulching Tips for Every Beginner out There

Mulching Tips for Every Beginner out There

19 October 2020
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Mulching is one of the few gardening crafts that doesn't allow you to make mistakes. You must execute it to perfection; otherwise, your garden plants will not thrive. When done well, a mulch will play a significant role in helping your soil conserve moisture, reducing water runoff, and suppressing the growth of weeds. Mulch application is an interesting activity that you can take on as a do-it-yourself project after purchasing it from a vendor near you. However, it would help if you had tips that will help prevent some of the common mistakes from the project's onset. The following discussion outlines all the relevant details that you need to know:

Blending Your Mulch Aesthetic Value

Mulching is a great addition to any garden. Apart from the agricultural benefits you get for your plants, mulch also comes in handy to enhance your home's aesthetic value. For instance, you can use a red-brownish mulch to blend your outdoor setting with a brick-walled house. Dark mulch creates a good contrast by de-emphasising white and other bright-coloured exterior walls.

Get the Depth Right for the Best Results

Applying mulch goes beyond heaping the product on top of your soil. You need to get the depth right. Ideally, the mulch needs to range between three to four inches in depth. Applying more than four inches may seem like a good idea, but that will only be to the detriment of your garden. The thick layer of mulch will prevent water from penetrating through to the soil, starving your plants of the water they need. Simultaneously, a thin layer (less than two inches) will not deliver the protection you want for your garden.

Timing Is Key

It is also essential to think about the appropriate time for applying your mulch. If you are just from a cold season, give the soil a few weeks to warm up before applying your mulch. Covering cold soil with mulch slows down the warming process, which can also prevent the proper growth of your seeds. Allow warm season to set in well before mulching your garden.

Beware of Pests

If you live in an area where you are highly susceptible to an attack by termites and other insects, you need to be wary of the mulch you choose. Go for mulch that repels insects and mites. Examples are rubber mulch, cedar and tea tree mulches. Additionally, make sure mulch starts a couple of inches away from structures that could be infested with termites and other insects.

If you need mulch for your landscape, contact a mulch delivery service.

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