Benefits Of Bark Mulch In The Garden

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Benefits Of Bark Mulch In The Garden

Benefits Of Bark Mulch In The Garden

26 September 2019
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Your garden provides hours of pleasure, as you relax outside and enjoy the view. Keeping it healthy and luscious, bark mulch enriches and protects the soil. Read on for an explanation of further benefits.

Improves The Soil

In nature, trees shed bits of bark and twigs which fall to the ground. Over time, they decompose and add valuable nutrients to the soil. Bark mulch echoes this organic process, creating a healthy environment for worms and soil microorganisms. It provides an excellent way for you to supplement the earth and to maintain lush, healthy plants. Because it disintegrates, you'll need to top up the mulch every year or two. Finer bark pieces decompose faster than coarser ones.

Keeps The Garden Cool And Hydrated

Bark mulch also reduces the evaporation of moisture from the soil, thus keeping your plants healthier. As a result, you'll need to water your garden less. Unlike other mulches such as river rocks, bark pieces keep the earth cool—they don't absorb and hold heat within the garden bed. Thus your plants will thrive, not being under duress from the hot sun and dehydration.

Reduces Weeds

Laborious tasks such as weeding take time away from enjoyable activities such as wandering through the landscape or planting new flowers and bushes. With its relatively fine texture, bark is ideal for covering the ground and preventing the germination of weeds. Courser materials, such as pebbles, can allow weeds to flourish between crevices, as they don't provide such complete cover.

Is Convenient To Work With

Bark is a lightweight material that's easy to work with. It's simple to spread across flower beds and around trees. Additionally, you can dig it up with no trouble if you want to add new plants or access the ground underneath. As it decomposes, you can quickly top up the mulch layer by scattering some fresh bark across the area.

Creates An Attractive Aesthetic

While the beautiful plants and foliage in your garden beds may be attractive, bare soil between plants is not particularly appealing. Covering the earth with bark adds an attractive texture and warmth. You can choose the coarseness or fineness of the pieces, which give different looks. In addition, when organising your mulch delivery, choose from different shades and tones that add richness and beautify the garden. Without random weeds, which can create a messy, neglected look, the beds will look cared for and much neater.

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