Why Natural Turf Is the Best Choice for Your Home Garden

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Why Natural Turf Is the Best Choice for Your Home Garden

Why Natural Turf Is the Best Choice for Your Home Garden

25 April 2016
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Homeowners looking forward to laying new turf in their gardens generally have to choose between natural turf and artificial turf. Turf suppliers have a responsibility to truthfully answer any questions that homeowners might have regarding the type of turf they want. If you're not sure which kind of turf you want to install in your garden, here are some benefits of natural turf to consider.

Lower risk of injury

No parent wants to see their children get hurt when playing out in the garden. While artificial turf manufacturers are constantly looking for innovative ways to make their products safe to play on, they can only replicate but not match the soft feel of natural turf. In spite of efforts by these manufacturers to reduce surface abrasion, some types of injuries, e.g. turf burn, which occurs when someone's skin rubs against artificial turf, are still being repeatedly suffered.

Lower health hazards

The garden soils on which natural turf is planted contain bacteria that can help naturally rid of surface microbes left behind by human sweat, algae and animal droppings. Artificial turf do not enjoy the service of these natural cleaners, making it necessary to sanitise the surface with antiseptic cleaners. What is more, the rubber infill of artificial turf may contain airborne toxins, which can cause serious lung infections if inhaled.


Even though the surfaces of natural turf will at some point become worn due to excessive traffic, deteriorated sections can be recovered easily because of the inherent ability of the living plant to grow back. A shortage of raw materials such as recycled tyres can disrupt the supply of artificial turf. Natural turf is continually grown on specially prepared farms, making it a readily available product. If you want to, you can replace all the turf in your garden.  


Installing and maintaining natural turf will cost you money, but not as much as you may need to buy and take good care of artificial turf. A well-kept natural turf garden will require watering, fertiliser input, pest control and mowing service, but the total costs may be comparatively lower than what is needed to keep the same garden in top condition when it is covered with artificial turf.

When marketing their products, artificial turf manufacturers often reiterate that they offer low-maintenance products. While the maintenance may require less effort, keep in mind that artificial turf has to be sprayed with pesticides and sanitised with disinfectants, which add to the overall cost of maintenance in the long term. For more information, talk to a turf supply company.

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