Essential hydroponic supplies for any aspiring hydroponic gardener

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Essential hydroponic supplies for any aspiring hydroponic gardener

Essential hydroponic supplies for any aspiring hydroponic gardener

21 April 2016
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Rather than using soil, hydroponics involves the growing of plants using water, a growth medium as well as a nutrient solution. This offers outstanding control levels over water, nutrients, light, and temperature among other external aspects, enabling gardeners to improve their yield productivity, even in inadequate space. If you want to try out hydroponic gardening, you need first to look for the hydroponic supplies for your garden. To assist novice gardeners, here are some of the important hydroponic supplies they should search for. 


Water and air are two important elements needed by any plant and these are supplied via the pump in your hydroponic garden. Additionally, the water pump also serves to supply nutrients to the plants. Likewise, air is supplied to the hydroponic reservoir through the pump. You can either choose a submersible or non-submersible pump for your garden. As the name implies, the submersible pump will dip inside the solution whereas the non-submersible one functions from outside.

Grow lights

Light is another essential factor in plant growth. Grow lights act as the source of light in a hydroponic system. Grow lights simply fuel the process of photosynthesis that is essential for the growth and development of your hydroponic plants. Note that common fluorescent and incandescent bulbs should not be used in a hydroponic garden or else they may compromise on the health of the plants.

Grow trays

In any hydroponic garden, plant roots require a support system of some sort as a result of the lack of soil. In this regard, grow trays act as the main support system for the plants. The trays are packed with nutrient solution via a submersible water pump from time to time.


Timers connected to water pumps fulfill water needs of the plants for instance, supplying water to the grow trays and then discharging out the water back to the reservoir. Besides, timers also regulate the functionality of grow lights for instance, switching them on and off every so often. Furthermore, they are also connected to ventilation and heating systems to control their operations. Opt for digital timers.


These are containers where the nutrient solution for the hydroponic plants are kept. Generally, water pumps and timers are connected to the reservoir to supply both air and water to the crops. Prior to purchasing a reservoir, think about its size and choose a big one if possible. Furthermore, it should come with a covering on top to reduce the rate of evaporation.

For more information, contact a local hydrponics supplier. 

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